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Interviews by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant “The holidays impact my coaching and consulting business because after mid-November, people want to ‘wait ‘till after the holidays’ to schedule our work. This means a ...READ MORE
Owner of Port City Copy Center in Oswego endures hardship to achieve success By Lou Sorendo Q.: At what point in your life did you decide you wanted to run your own ...READ MORE
By Wagner Dotto I’m so excited with this issue of Oswego County Business. It’s the first time in years we are publishing a special on women who make a difference. The ...READ MORE
Country filled with ancient cities, picturesque islands and small towns By Sandra Scott Of all the places Emperor Diocletian could have chosen in the vast Roman Empire to build his retirement palace, ...READ MORE
Dawn of new decade likely to bring same problems we’ve faced in the two first decades By Bruce Frassinelli bfrassinelli@ptd.net ‘The decade does not officially end until Dec. 31, 2020. So why am ...READ MORE
New report shows creation of 344 new jobs, retention of 193 existing positions in Oswego County L. Michael Treadwell ooc@oswegocounty.org ‘COIDA’s programs have helped a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, services, housing, ...READ MORE
Snow-related events keeps the flow of visitors coming to Oswego County, says director of Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism & Planning By Alexander Plate Is winter a busy time for ...READ MORE
By Tim Nekritz nekritz@gmail.com ‘Fair Haven is a town with no chain stores, no large employers. Its downtown looks quaint, and on first glimpse, its businesses might even seem somewhat quirky. In ...READ MORE
Interviews by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant “Most of our marketing is accomplished through word of mouth and social media. We are a small, family-oriented business, ambitious to continue to grow and take ...READ MORE
At 94, co-founder of Fulton Tool Co. reminisces about his many years in the machining industry By Lou Sorendo Q.: You are a native of southern Ontario, Canada. What brought you to ...READ MORE
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