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Region was again named a ‘top performer’ — NYS award to provide support to 93 projects L. Michael Treadwell ooc@oswegocounty.org ‘One reason CNY is and has been good about receiving … ...READ MORE
By Tim Nekritz nekritz@gmail.com While the sport of snowshoeing is too granular and off-the-radar an activity to have a specific economic impact measured at this time, events around the county … ...READ MORE
Lack of a qualified, motivated workforce one of the toughest obstacles small businesses face, says senior business adviser By Lou Sorendo Q.: What do you believe are some of the … ...READ MORE
They are accused of using arcane language that most humans do not. This newsspeak is called “journalese” By Bruce Frassinelli bfrassinelli@ptd.net ‘What about the “heist” at the local savings and … ...READ MORE
Do you wish you had your current knowledge when you were newer to your career? We asked area business professionals, “If you could go back in time and give your … ...READ MORE
By Wagner Dotto This is our Progress Edition and I hope readers will enjoy reading it. The idea is to provide an accurate picture of what’s going on in the … ...READ MORE
The union of three cities — Buda, Pest and Óbuda —region experienced rapid growth last century. It’s among top destinations in Europe By Sandra Scott Budapest, one of the great … ...READ MORE
By Richard L. Weber, Esq. ‘During a one-time window of opportunity, victims of child sexual abuse who are now well into adulthood are able to pursue lawsuits over events that … ...READ MORE
Longtime owner of Munski Automotive in Oswego started his business 28 years ago. He reflects on his success, longevity By Lou Sorendo Q.: At what point did you decide to … ...READ MORE
Interviews by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant “The holidays impact my coaching and consulting business because after mid-November, people want to ‘wait ‘till after the holidays’ to schedule our work. This means … ...READ MORE
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