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Canale’s Restaurant

Italian food, perhaps more than any other cuisine, tastes best in a cozy setting like Canale’s in Oswego
By Jacob Pucci

    Utica Greens: Canale's version of a Central New York staple.

    Canale’s is the kind of place you feel like you’ve been to before, even if you haven’t. 

    The food — classic, well-crafted Italian — is reminiscent of Sunday dinner at grandma’s house, if grandma grew up in Morolo, Italy, the source of the Canale family recipes they’ve been serving to diners since 1954. 

    Italian food, perhaps more than any other cuisine, tastes best in a cozy setting. Canale’s is located in a residential part of town, only a few blocks from the high school, in what appears to be a large house painted the same shade as the tomato sauce that coats the homemade gnocchi and fettuccine. 

    We arrived around 7 p.m. Much of the Sunday evening dinner crowd was winding down, aside from a boisterous crowd celebrating a birthday and a few bottles of wine near the bar. The ceilings are low, a reminder that the building was a house built in 1940. 

    Our dinner started with an order of bruschetta — available with or without cheese — and an order of Utica greens, the quintessential dish of Italian restaurants across Central New York. 

    The bruschetta is toasted enough to stand up to the juicy, ripe tomatoes on top. Bites of fresh garlic are a welcome addition. The simple topping is not over-seasoned, which allows the tomato flavor to shine through.

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