Saturday May 12, 2018

Mitchell’s Speedway Press to acquire The Phoenix Press

Longtime company to expand, extend customer reach

    John Henry

    Mitchell’s Speedway Press, a leading provider of professional printing, signage and marketing products, today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire The Phoenix Press in Phoenix.


    “We are excited to welcome Phoenix Press customers into the Mitchell Printing and Speedway Press family,” said John M. Henry, president and chief executive officer of parent company, Mitchell Printing & Mailing, Inc. of Oswego. “We believe the longtime culture of customer service Phoenix Press has been based on fits perfectly with our customer-centered vision, and this acquisition will enhance our new and current customer bases.”


    Henry said Barbara Reyes of Phoenix Press has successfully built a model that focuses on small businesses. “We feel this model fits perfectly with our goals for the future expansion of our company,” Henry said.


    Mitchell’s customers consist of local and national businesses, in both the for- and non-profit world, along with design agencies and government institutions. He said what differentiates the business is its history of long-time, stable ownership with an emphasis on unparalleled, personalized customer service.


    The acquisition combines The Phoenix Press’s strength of personal customer service with Mitchell’s production innovation, speed, technology and manufacturing expertise, which is needed in today’s global market, Henry noted.


    Henry said he anticipates hiring additional people during the next year as his company grows again with the acquisition.


    “As it was time to retire, we wanted to find a good partner for our customers,” Reyes said. “We did not want to just close or let just anyone take over accounts we have worked with for decades. I have worked with John and Kathy for many years and know they will be the right people to continue the work we have done with our clients, as we share the same values and commitments to our customers.”


    Kathy Henry serves as vice president and director of sales and marketing for Mitchell’s Speedway Press.


    “Our technology and manufacturing expertise will ensure our customers are in great hands and get to the next level,” she said. “The Phoenix Press has an incredibly loyal customer base and an excellent reputation for value and service. We are lucky and honored that Barbara would choose us to entrust her business and her clients to. We promise to serve them well.”


    Kathy said the acquisition Mitchell’s made of Speedway Press 10 years ago presented a learning curve. “I think that we did very well, with excellent client retention and a seamless transition,” she said.


    “I know the customers and clients of The Phoenix Press will find the same with this transition as well, because there are people at the head of our organization who truly care about the client first and foremost,” Kathy said. “John and I personally meet and handle the needs of our clients, and the customers of Phoenix Press can look forward to the same.”


    Mitchell Printing was founded in 1930 by its president and John Henry's grandfather, Weir P. Mitchell.


    John and Kathy purchased the business in 1990, began Mitchell Printing & Mailing, Inc., and acquired Speedway Press in 2008, moving Mitchell Printing into the Speedway Press building at 1 Burkle St., Oswego, where it operates today.