My Turn

By Bruce Frassinelli ‘Do our political servants today have more scandals than their predecessors, or is it that today’s news media are more probing, and scandals and sexual indiscretions
By Bruce Frassinelli ‘The three brands are the latest of a number of products and images that have come under intense scrutiny because of their unacceptable stereotypical portrayal of
By Bruce Frassinelli ‘I would have liked to have known is that the road to the top is not a six-lane superhighway but more like a pothole-infested secondary road’
What has changed since the start of coronavirus crisis? Everything! By Bruce Frassinelli ‘Sure, we have had disruptions in our lives before. When weather forecasters warned of a major
They are accused of using arcane language that most humans do not. This newsspeak is called “journalese” By Bruce Frassinelli ‘What about the “heist” at the local savings and
Dawn of new decade likely to bring same problems we’ve faced in the two first decades By Bruce Frassinelli ‘The decade does not officially end until Dec. 31, 2020.
By Bruce Frassinelli Trump has a long history of not admitting errors — the recent episode involving Hurricane Dorian just confirms that once more Too many business people and
Think hard before you accept that promotion By Bruce Frassinelli ‘In too many cases, the person who is a star performer in one position is a bust after he