Labor: Changes You Should  See Under President Biden

Labor: Changes You Should See Under President Biden

Employment and labor law changes likely to be implemented during the Biden presidency By Steven E. Abraham Regardless of what business leaders thought about Donald Trump’s presidency, the former president was very pro-business when it came to employment and labor relations issues. President Biden, however, supports many pieces of legislation that would benefit employees and make it more difficult for businesses to operate. In fact, much of Biden’s presidential campaign was based on arguing that a Biden presidency would benefit employees and unions. Further, with both Houses now being controlled by Democrats, it is quite likely that Biden will be successful in enacting many of the things that he would like to see passed. 1. Employment Equity • Equal Pay. In the area of equal pay, President Biden has stated his desire to reduce the pay inequality between men and women. In fact, he has promised to sign the Paycheck Fairness Act during his presidency. By way of background, the Equal Pay Act (1963) already requires employers to pay employees of opposite sex equally if they are doing the same or equal work. The Equal Pay Act has an exception, however, that allows an employer to pay male and female

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