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Syracuse-based Dropcopter builds custom drones for pollination By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant While farmers have been using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to efficiently scout fields for crop issues and to take … ...READ MORE
Nation1099.com estimates that about 11% of US adults work full-time as freelancers By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant If you want to supplement your income or even replace it entirely with work … ...READ MORE
Three titans of fast food industry make presence felt in Port City By Lou Sorendo Fast and furious. That describes the growth of fast food options in the city of … ...READ MORE
Agency reports that many people seeking assistance are regular folks with jobs who can’t make ends meet By Alexander Plate “There are still quite a few people who’ve been left … ...READ MORE
As it turns out, many offices still rely on faxes By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant Faxing may seem antiquated technology; however, it’s still relevant and even vital to some industries. And … ...READ MORE
Production of hemp has grown 10-fold in a year, becoming one of the state’s top 10 specialty crops. 500 farmers in NYS growing plant By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant Hemp is … ...READ MORE
Debt, a competitive job market, political climate and uncertainty about the future of the planet are some of the reasons millennials are down, says study By Aaron Gifford Millennials are … ...READ MORE
More than wisdom, retirees bring major economic impact By Aaron Gifford In Central New York, retirees are often seen walking in the mall on winter mornings, congregating in McDonald’s for … ...READ MORE
Community Development Agency leader Joe Fiumara says $10 million in Downtown Revitalization Initiative funding will help the city turn the corner By Lou Sorendo Q.: The city of Fulton is … ...READ MORE
LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter play important role in helping companies attract employees, say experts By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant Nearly half of job seekers used social media to help them find employment, … ...READ MORE
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