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Dennis Ouellete is the owner of Ontario Orchards in Oswego, which sponsors the Fall Jamboree, scheduled for 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sept. 18-19 at 15273 Center Road. For more information, visit

Dennis Ouellette

Promoter of popular Fall Jamboree in Sterling is ready to celebrate the event’s 20th year anniversary

Q. The Fall Jamboree is celebrating 20 years this year. When you launched it, did you ever imagine that it would last so long?

It is going on 20 years of growth. Agricultural tourism has certainly helped to expand the growth and development of the jamboree.

Q. How popular is it? Roughly how many people attend the event?

The jamboree is especially important to the local people and to the public. Reaching out over 100 miles makes it a destination visit for thousands of people.

Q. What’s so special about it? Why people come year after year?

The completeness of the jamboree. First of all, it is a family event with entertainment, foods, tastings and a farm market; second, a real farm activity with wagon rides, U-pick apples and pumpkins, walks, enjoying the country settings.

Q. You said you’re not promoting the event through advertising. How do you draw people?

With 20 years of activity, word-of-mouth is No. 1 for promotion. Social media with the help of print, TV and radio all help to advertise. The need for extensive cost has been addressed by the above.

Q. How many people are involved in organizing the event?

The jamboree is our family event. Myself, Kathy, Laurie, Tim, Nichole, Taylor along with approximately 30 employees are involved.

Q. Is it a money-making event or you do it as a hobby?

You have to understand, events are not hobbies. They have to create a profit or they will eventually disappear.