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‘What’s the Best Marketing Tool You Use to Attract More Business?’

Interviews by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

“I think the best marketing tool is newsletters and being available. Go to the party. Every time you get a chance to write, write. Or go to a chamber of commerce event. Just go to it. As you write or go places, let people know what you have in your brain and what you’re doing. It allows an opportunity for discussion that might make you even better as an entrepreneur.”

Jim Loperfido
Owner, JGL Management Consulting, Inc., Auburn

“Networking. It’s an excellent opportunity to talk about my business and discuss how my services can benefit their business or organization. It’s a chance to make a personal connection with someone and create top of the mind awareness of my business. The next time that person meets someone in need of my services chances are they will recall our conversation and think of me as a resource to meet that need.”

John DeRousie
Owner, Custom Marketing Solutions, Oswego

“We use the usual advertising and TV, radio and print. We try to do some social media and have a webpage. We have a yearly poster that’s developed by a member of the community distributed to members and sponsors. They can hang them in their place of business. I think it’s a combination of everything. The younger generation is probably more into the social media. The older generation relies on printed media. It’s not one versus the other; each has a piece of the pie. You have to put your ad dollars in each category or you’ll miss one. We want to catch the attention of as many people as we can.”

Peter Myles
Executive director, Oswego Harbor Festivals, Inc., Oswego

“It’s a combination, not any one thing — a well-planned and targeted print, direct mail campaign for us and most of our accounts. So far, paid social media has not really had a return on investment for us. Yet the best, hands down, is customer referrals by doing an outstanding job.”

John M. Henry
Owner, Speedway Press / Mitchell Printing & Mailing Inc., Oswego

“We get the most return on investment from Constant Contact. The monthly fee is low and we get to articulate our sales and company news with 40%-plus open rates high click rates.”

Erica Komoroske
Director of public relations, Stewart’s Shops, headquartered in Ballston Spa, with 350-plus shops across New York and Vermont.

“The best marketing tool The Rooftop Lounge has utilized is word of mouth, both physically and digitally. A positive first-time customer’s experience taking in the views over Lake Ontario paired with enjoying delicious small plates and charcuterie while paired with carefully crafted cocktails lends itself to sharing that experience with others, often resulting in bringing friends and family back to further share in those experiences. Those experiences then get shared on various social media platforms through comments or reviews and help bring others into the space. We put a primary advertising focus on social media platforms with a daily post five to six days per week. When used correctly, these platforms can create consistent and worthwhile marketing streams with a direct path to customers’ likes, shares, and feedback.”

Kyle C. Walton
Operations manager, The Rooftop Lounge, Oswego

“Without a doubt, word of mouth. The used-to-be quiet summer months in my business are now pushing seven days a week July through September repairing in-ground swimming pool covers. Print and social media help, but the true source that drives business to my shop is word of mouth. All the pool supply stores in Central New York and beyond have my information and when a customer calls them, I get the referral. So much in fact that I now use the phrase “Call This Guy” for my pool cover repair promos and on my business cards.”

Joe Cortini
Owner, Cortini Shoe Zipper Canvas Repair, Fulton

“In real estate our best marketing tool has been social media. The agents and our company all use social media to market the properties for maximum exposure to every listing.”

Bill Galloway
Broker/owner, Century 21 Galloway Realty, Oswego

“I believe that our website,, is our best marketing tool. The reasons are many. We offer access 24/7, you can check our store’s inventory, you can order and pay for books to be shipped or picked up at the bookstore. Our staff recommendations are featured, and our newsletter is available.”

Bill Reilly
Owner, the river’s end bookstore, Oswego

“Facebook has generated more new clients than any other source.”

Brenda Weissenberg
Accountant and owner, Affordable Business Solutions, West Monroe

“Despite all our advertising dollars spent over 22 years, the best advertising is skilled, courteous, professional customer care. This leads to the word-of-mouth advertising which has kept us in business year-round for many years.”

Leslie Corrigan
General manager, Winter Harbor Marina, Central Square

“The best marketing tool for us this year has been Facebook and Instagram. Chef Sabrina and Front of House Lead Danni are able to post great photos of dinner and drink specials for the day which have the ability to reach over 3,000 people immediately. The photos receive great responses and interactions. Our team members share the Eis House posts. It is a great way for everyone to get involved.”

Debbie Trimble
Owner, Eis House Lodge, Mexico

“Social media, 100%.”

Michele King
Physical therapist, FYZICAL, Oswego

“We definitely take advantage of social media as much as possible, like Facebook and Instagram. Beyond that, we’re using emails and email marketing to remind customers who maybe visit once or twice a year in the fall as to what we’re up to in the off season. The concerts have been a great way to introduce Beak & Skiff to new customers who have never been up to our campus before. It brings in new customers who maybe hadn’t had interest in pick-your-own.”

Mack Hueber
CFO Beak & Skiff Apple Farms Inc., Lafayette.