Publisher’s Note June / July 2020

By Wagner Dotto

It’s time to rebuild the economy — with purpose and determination. After more than two months on pause, we couldn’t be more relieved that this coronavirus pandemic is gradually becoming part of history. One additional month like April and May would be catastrophic for most small business owners and economy in general — no matter how much stimulus money offered.

We can see now a new vibe on the streets of downtown Oswego, Syracuse and elsewhere. Things are picking up, there is a renewed sense of optimism, a sense the economy can rebound — finally.

As an essential business, we worked through the pandemic, interviewing sources, putting stories together, doing design work and selling advertising — mostly remotely.

It was a tough, depressing time. Coming to a nearly empty office daily, week after week, with dead phones and empty desks was something we don’t experience very often. We are dependent on a thriving, vibrant economy that continues to grow and innovate. The more growth, the more business activity, the better. That’s what keeps this publication alive and well.

Like nearly all small businesses, we had our losses. New York state hit “pause” on March 22, as we embarked on our largest project of the year, the 2020 CNY Summer Guide. Needless to say, the pandemic dealt a blow to most of our Summer Guide advertisers. As a result, our sales took a nose dive. We were down more than 50%. Not pretty.

What do we do? We just move on and work hard on a new issue. And that’s what we did.

We hope readers will enjoy the stories in this issue of Oswego County Business. We believe they are pertinent, interesting and insightful. Readers should specially check out the “What’s New” package, starting with a story by writer Deborah Jeanne Sergeant about “15 Changes You’re Likely to See in Post-COVID-19 in Business Life.” We discuss just about everything: how three large manufacturing firms have handled the crisis, what happened to local musicians, a review of a new book by “Miss Manners” on the new COVID-19 etiquette and much more.

We want to thank our advertisers who have stuck with us during the last two issues and kept their ads in. These advertisers provide the financial means that allows us to publish. We’re grateful for their support and urge readers to patronize those who advertise here.

Wagner Dotto is the publisher of Oswego County Business Magazine.Wagner Dotto is the publisher of Oswego County Business Magazine.