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Farming Helps Grow the Local Economy

Agriculture is a significant part of Oswego County’s economy, according to Joshua Vrooman, agriculture community educator at Cornell Cooperative Extension in Mexico.

The county’s multi-million dollar agriculture industry creates jobs, tax revenue and investment in the community. It also allows supporting industries like feed, fertilizer, equipment and other input dealerships to thrive.

Oswego County is home to 612 farms, 1,038 producers and 86,167 acres of farmland, Vrooman said.

It boasts abundant opportunities for direct marketing, allowing for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. The value of food sold directly to consumers has increased by almost 78% since 2012.

Cooperative Extension created a brochure: “The Economic Impact of Oswego County Agriculture.” It was updated in January 2022.

According to the brochure:

County farms produce a wide variety of products — including field crops, honey, maple syrup, Christmas trees, vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries.

Dairy farms in Oswego County manage more than 4,000 dairy cows combined. They generate roughly $15.5 million annually from the sale of milk.

Livestock production is another important sector of agriculture in the county. Beef cattle, sheep, sows and feeder pigs, goats, elk, alpacas and poultry are all raised on Oswego County farms — their annual combined sales value is more than $3 million, the brochure added.

The unique soil types and climate allow for a wide variety of agricultural production that impacts the economy. Some of the leading products are onions, apples, sweet corn, dairy, field crops and Christmas trees.

Farms in Oswego County also spend more than $35 million a year on farm production expenses, much of which goes into the local or regional economy.

Farm Facts

Market value of land and buildings: $190,675,000

Market value of machinery/equip.: $53,347,000

Market value of ag products sold $41,230,000

Total farm production expenses: $35,646,000

The sales value of  the county’s field crops is more than $4.8 million

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