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HealthWay: New Owners Moving to Expand Business

By Steve Yablonski

AE Industrial Partners also specializes in aerospace, defense and government services, space, power generation and specialty industrial markets

Jeff Pecoroni

Jeff Pecoroni, the new CEO at HealthWay, wants to continue to clean the air.

In late 2021, the Pulaski-based provider of air purification and indoor air quality solutions was acquired by AE Industrial Partners.

AE Industrial Partners is a private equity firm specializing in aerospace, defense and government services, space, power generation and specialty industrial markets.

Pecoroni is “very excited” about the product line and the technology.

“We are looking forward to adding new commercial projects that keep the production facility humming,” he said. 

HealthWay’s products are in use around the world as well as in New York state.

Supercuts, a franchise hair salon, has installed HealthWay’s Intellipure air purifiers at many of its locations, including Albany, Auburn, Oswego and Watertown.


Pecoroni, of Saint Louis, Missouri, received his BA in Spanish at the University of Colorado Boulder. He worked in the financial sector and in a variety of commercial and operational roles.

He moved his family up to Connecticut with GE Supply, becoming the Northeast Division president.

Next, he joined Heatcraft Refrigeration, based in Atlanta, Georgia, where he managed Central and North American business. Most recently, he has served as the president and general manager of Halco Specialty Lightning.

He now brings his business expertise to the table at HealthWay.

“The Lobdell family has stepped away from the business to pursue other endeavors and offer consultive assistance when necessary,” said Christian Cobb, VP of marketing for HealthWay Family of Brands.

Heathway provides top-tier filtration with 70% energy savings over the alternatives, Cobb added.

“This is a huge game-changer for us. We continue to evolve our product line and we imagine new innovations to hit the shelves in 2023,” he said.

Their newest product is the FFU (fan filter unit) which brings their proprietary DFS (disinfecting filtration system) technology to a clean room air purification system.

HealthWay recently finalized a new building to combine multiple departments under one roof. There are currently four HealthWay owned and occupied buildings around the Pulaski area. Now, most operations will be consolidated into two locations.

“The new building is the core of our future. We have added 35,000 square feet of brand new manufacturing space,” Cobb said. “It will allow us to be much more efficient and, most importantly, we’ll be able to meet future demand.”

It will be the heart of the company, essentially fitting three remaining buildings and staff into it. “Building 2” will be relocating about 90% of departments such as manufacturing, fabrication and assembly, distribution, warehousing and logistics.

“A thank you to the team for its hard work completing construction and consolidation into and setup of our new facility. I look forward to seeing us all come together around the new building,” Pecoroni said.

“It is a ‘purpose-built’ facility utilizing experts in lean manufacturing for design, physical layout, and visual management concepts throughout the site,” said Matthew Weitz, VP of supply chain. “This allows for a single-piece flow of material through the factory, creating a bright, encouraging and accepting workplace for employees.”

“The company is evolving for sure — becoming an organization that Upstate New York can be proud of,” Cobb said. “We’ve brought in tremendous talent to help us capture the $6 billion market that is indoor air quality.”

HealthWay and Moxo have joined forces to create an all-in-one app to make access to HealthWay products transparent to partners. This inclusive application (available from the Apple Store or on Google Play) will harmonize HealthWay and partners while they work together toward accomplishing goals and improving indoor air quality across the globe, according to Cobb.

Moxo provides a one-stop client hub for managing client interactions through modern digital experiences.

The tool was created to benefit the partners of HealthWay so they can locate information they may need on-the-go or immediately chat with customer-help.

“It’s imperative that HealthWay partners know as much as we do about our indoor air quality solutions. When they can talk about IAQ and speak to the challenges people are facing every day, they are able to create better, safer spaces,” Cobb said. “In my opinion, this is one the best ways we can further our mission.”

“I’m excited about the prospects of our air purification solutions being known as a household name among some of the other top HVAC brands,” Pecoroni said.

Founded in 2004, HealthWay is headquartered in Pulaski. It was started Vincent G. Lobdell.