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Mirabito Energy Products’ team members specialize in delivering heating products.

Mirabito Energy Products Increases Capacity, Market in CNY

Acquisition of West Monroe’s North Shore Oil gives company larger footprint

By Lou Sorendo

Mirabito Energy Products has expanded its footprint in Central New York with its recent merger with North Shore Oil Co.

The combination is called North Shore Oil, a division of Mirabito Energy Products.

Mirabito provides energy products for residents and businesses throughout Upstate New York, western Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

The company offers a variety of products, including heating oil, propane, natural gas, coal, gasoline, diesel fuels, and kerosene.

In addition to being an energy provider, Mirabito owns and operates 108 convenience stores throughout CNY, making Mirabito one of the largest convenience store chains in the region.

“Like so many of our mergers and acquisitions, the North Shore Oil combination was the result of a relationship built over time,” said Maureen Mirabito, head of corporate communications and community relations manager at Mirabito Energy Products.

Former North Shore Oil owners Harry Pratt and Bill Webb were looking to retire and approached Mirabito Energy Products about the acquisition.

“They trusted us to take good care of their employees and their customers. We are thrilled to be growing in that region and serving the people and communities there,” she added.

Established in 1972, North Shore Oil provided petroleum products throughout Central and Northern New York. It’s based in West Monroe.

With the acquisition, North Shore Oil employees made the transition to the new company as well.

“We are thrilled to add 15 North Shore Oil employees to our team,” said Matt Meehan, vice president, home comfort-commercial fuels for Mirabito Energy Products. “Those running the day-to-day operations at North Shore Oil before the acquisition continue to do so today.”

Mirabito said people are always the key when it comes to making the merger process seamless.

“With any type of change comes uncertainty. We try to mitigate that as best we can with open communication to customers and employees, provision of training and support to new staff, and ensuring consistency in day-to-day operations, procedures, and practices as the transition settles in,” she said.

Meehan said the former owners “were true partners with us” through the transition.

They were instrumental in “assisting in our communication efforts with employees and customers and giving us critical insight into the communities and their needs.”

Rick Ogden, Mirabito Energy Products’ regional manager in that area, connected personally with employees and many of the customers in the new territory.

“It’s important to all of us that we do a great job for the people who entrust us to heat and fuel their homes,” Mirabito said. “Our aim is to always add value wherever we can, whether through our loyalty program, installation and service of home heating and cooling equipment, and on-time, consistent home heating delivery.”

Meehan said Mirabito Energy Products is increasing its presence in the region while featuring value and service.

“Our customers will benefit from the increased programs and services that we offer — price protection options, heating and cooling equipment installation and service, maintenance, emergency services, affordable energy solutions, and our loyalty program, which includes immediate discounts at the gas pumps,” he said.

Last December, the family owned and operated business acquired two convenience stores in the region — formerly Mercer Mobil in Watertown and Adams.

“Now customers in the area can validate their loyalty points and enjoy immediate discounts at the gas pumps,” Meehan noted.

Meanwhile, North Shore Oil continues to operate independently as a service provider.

“The changes and benefits come in the sharing of resources and expansion of services for both employees and customers,” Mirabito said.