Adjusting to Reduced Income Due To COVID-19

The current health and economic crisis is a stark reminder of the importance of an emergency fund. Randy L. Zeigler ‘It’s difficult to predict when things will return to some form of normalcy. Frugal living is a wise approach that will help you get through these challenging economic times. COVID-19 is having a profound effect on household finances across the country. Many Americans have been laid off or required to accept reduced hours on the job. Parents who continue to work find themselves in a childcare bind due to closed schools and daycare centers. If you’re affected by any combination of these circumstances, your family may need to live on reduced income until the virus can be contained and the economy rebounds. Below are some suggestions for managing through leaner times. Create a budget Living on less income is really about finding balance. Your expenses cannot exceed your income if you are to avoid dipping into savings or going into debt. A realistic budget reveals what you have left after fixed expenses such as your mortgage payment, utilities, car and health insurance premiums are taken off the top. You decide how to allocate the rest, for groceries, gas and other

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