Friday August 4, 2006

Oswego Shopper to be delivered by postal carriers

Oswego Weeklies undergo dramatic changes
By Lou Sorendo

    The Oswego Shopper, a tradition in Oswego since 1972, is now being delivered by the U.S. Postal Service instead of hand delivery.

    Historically, the publication had been distributed by a network of carriers—mostly youngsters—throughout the Greater Oswego area.

    The Oswego Shopper is produced by Oswego County Weeklies. Mark Backus is the president, publisher and owner of Oswego County Weeklies, a five-newspaper operation headquartered on Jefferson Street in the village of Mexico.

    Managing Editor RoseAnn Parsons, who has been with the organization for over 30 years, said the change was purely a business decision.

    Parsons said it is more economically feasible to depend on the postal service for delivery of the free publication. The move erases such costs as Workers’ Compensation, she noted.

    Circulation numbers will not change as a result of the new measure. “Everyone will still get one,” she said.

    The Oswego Shopper circulates 14,500 copies.

    This is the first week that the Oswego Shopper has gone the postal route, and will be delivered on Fridays as opposed to Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

    “We’ve received a lot of phone calls from people looking for their shopper on Tuesday and Wednesday,” Parsons said.

    Delivery date changes have also occurred for the other four Oswego County Weeklies’ publications.

    Besides the Oswego Shopper, Oswego County Weeklies publishes the Independent Mirror (Mexico), the Salmon River News (Pulaski), the Phoenix Register and the Citizen Outlet (Central Square).

    The Oswego Shopper is the only non-subscription based paper of the five.

    It also publishes Hometown News, which is a section inserted into the Independent Mirror, Citizen Outlet, Phoenix Register and Salmon River News.

    The four paid weeklies have a geographic specific front section followed by the Hometown News section which goes to all paid subscribers.

    The Salmon River News, Citizen Outlet and Oswego Shopper will all hit mailboxes on Fridays, while the Independent Mirror and Phoenix Register will be delivered on Saturdays.

    The five newspapers were previously delivered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

    “The Oswego Shopper is more like a real paper now,” Parsons said. “It has a lot of school news and things like obituaries that we didn’t have before.”

    Approximately 30 carriers were employed by the Oswego Shopper, with some having multiple routes.

    The publication is printed in Mexico. Its offices are located at 115 W. Third St., Oswego.

    Two of the Oswego County Weeklies’ publications have deep roots in the region.

    The Independent Mirror was established in 1861, while the Phoenix Register was first produced in 1858.

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