Friday October 20, 2017

Educational Bond Gives Students Early Taste of College

CiTi, CCC partnership reaches new heights with distance-learning program

    The Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation Distance Learning students got the chance to encounter an up-close and personal view of the college experience recently.


    The Cayuga Community College distance learning open house celebrated the 20th anniversary of the partnership between the educational institutions.


    “Welcome to college!” said Keiko Kimura, dean of the Fulton CCC campus, to the more than 100 students from eight component districts at the open house.


    “Congratulations on being part of this project. It’s a big responsibility, but we know you can handle it,” Kimura said.


    CiTi distance learning offers 20 college courses via both video conferencing and online classes. Students can explore offerings such as criminal justice, psychology, sociology, communications, anatomy and physiology, among others.


    “The idea behind offering college courses from college professors via videoconferencing or online is to bridge the gap between high school and college by exposing high school students to college content and expectations,” said Melissa Daniels, director of distance learning for CiTi. “High school students can earn college credit now and could possibly shorten the amount of years spent in college, therefore saving money as well.”


    The open house allowed students to tour the Fulton campus, visit classrooms and the library, meet with professors and receive their official student IDs.


    Rhoda Overstreet-Wilson, a professor of sociology, said the exposure to college classes and opportunities are crucial to “set the foundation” for success in higher education.


    “There’s no better way to prepare our students for a college environment than to give them this context and information,” Overstreet-Wilson said.


    In addition to the CCC partnership, CiTi also offers American sign language and philosophy through Onondaga Community College.

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