Publisher’s Note February / March 2021

By Wagner Dotto Paid advertising is key to keeping this magazine going, and we’re thankful so many of our advertisers have continued running ads with us, even during the pandemic. Advertising provides the means for us to publish. Simply put, if we don’t have enough ads, we can’t publish. So, it’s in order to thank those businesses and organizations that have chosen to advertise in Oswego County Business — even during tough times. The pandemic has thrown everything up in the air. We’re somewhat lucky that about 90% of our total distribution — 6,500 / 7,000 total copies per issue — is mailed directly to readers. That guarantees that readers receive the publication on a regular basis and that advertisers get the exposure they seek. We also publish this magazine every other month (six times a year), a low number of editions annually, meaning that for companies the investment in advertising with us is very low. Like most business, we’ve been hit hard by the pandemic — our sales volume has dropped more than 20% in 2020 and remains down in 2021. Despite that, we have continued working to improve the product. Many longtime readers may recall Oswego County Business

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