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HealthWay Makes Major Expansion to Support Future Growth

HealthWay Family of Brands® is in the process of finalizing a 35,000 square foot building to combine multiple departments under one roof. There are currently four HealthWay® owned and occupied buildings around the Pulaski area, but soon, most operations will be consolidated into two locations.

HealthWay® undertakes the expansion with hopes to excel in operations such as shipping and handling for smoother processes for both HealthWay® and its customers.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held August 4 followed by a tour of the building. The new building will soon become the heart of the company, essentially fitting three remaining buildings and its staff into it. “Building 2” will be relocating about 90% of departments such as manufacturing, fabrication and assembly, distribution, warehousing, and logistics.

The goal

The manufacturing of popular products such as the 950P, SuperV, and the state-of-the-art “In-Line” units will be assembled from raw materials to finished products. According to Matthew Weitz, the VP of Supply Chain, “The goal is to more efficiently support our sales and future growth by having the ability to double or even triple our current production volume in the next year to 18 months.”

Weitz explained this is a “purpose-built” facility utilizing experts in lean manufacturing for design, physical layout, and visual management concepts throughout the site. This allows for a single-piece flow of material through the factory, also creating a bright, encouraging, and accepting workplace for employees.

This ultimately will support the increased production of the air purification units we are known for around the world.

Impact on the community

Since HealthWay® has always been a small business advocate, throughout the entire process of building; almost all contractors on this site were locally hired. From electrical work to putting up the walls and shelving, contractors from the CNY area made this building a staple within our company.

“I think this represents a major investment from our company into the Pulaski community. It says we are rapidly growing and we’re not going anywhere,” Weitz said. “This makes a huge economic impact on this small fishing town, creating many jobs from warehouse workers to engineers.”

HealthWay® has been in business for decades, but as a result of COVID-19, wildfires, and other airborne pathogens – the demand for true indoor air quality solutions has dramatically increased. In addition, policies are being passed by states such as New York, challenging to protect the well-being and workplace safety from airborne infectious disease with the NYS HERO Act.

HealthWay® offered a special thank you to the following local companies for their services: Graf Electric, Avalon, Auburn Crane and Rigging, Woodcock and Armani, Roberts Office Furniture Concepts, Smith Housewares and Restaurant Supply, Designpac, The Image Press, US Materials Handling, Alta Material Handling, S and R Automotive, J. Hunter Framing and Masonry and Syracuse Office Environment.


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