9 Key Sectors 

Analysis of some of the key sectors of the local economy Stories by Ken Sturtz 1. Agriculture Some sectors have seen their sales rise dramatically, despite the pandemic James Oswego County has deep agrarian roots and today farmers produce everything from fruits, vegetables and maple syrup to meat, milk and Christmas trees. The market value of agricultural products produced in Oswego County is more than $41 million. The number of farms has ticked down in recent years, but the county still counts more than 600 active farms, ranging from operations employing multiple people to part-time family farms. Although farmers dealt with many challenges in 2020, some sectors — nurseries, greenhouses, Christmas tree farms — saw their sales rise dramatically, says Mark James of the New York Farm Bureau. The Farm Bureau also worked with the state to ensure the scores of farmers markets in the region were able to open for farmers to sell their products. “One of the bright spots of the pandemic is we’re seeing more and more folks shopping locally and sourcing food from local farms,” James says. Farmers who sold directly to consumers saw significant sales increases, likely due to shortages at supermarkets and worries about supply

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