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How Does Your Organization Use Social Media?

Interviews by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant


“At C&S, we understand the importance of staying connected with our employees, clients and the broader world. We use social media in a variety of ways to do just that. We share interesting, informative, and fun content with employees and clients on our social pages. We also use these platforms to spotlight important projects we’re working on, as well as highlight the individuals that are making a difference in the industry and creating the incredible culture and reputation C&S is known for.”

  — John T. Camp, President and COO, C&S Companies, Syracuse


“We have Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages for the company. We post at least weekly to each and do paid ads at times. We also do email campaigns via Mailchimp.”

  — John Henry, Owner Mitchell’s Speedway Press, Oswego


“We use social media quite a bit. We’re always posting things and communicating with clients through private messages. Our content is handled by our different suppliers, which is really helpful. It posts to our Facebook page automatically about tours, cruises and other travel-related items. We’re so busy we don’t even have time to do that. We’re quite happy with the way it’s going for us. Business is very, very busy here. It’s picked up since COVID 110% because people have wanted to get back to traveling and now they are.”

  — Lynn Kistner, Travel consultant, Canalview Travel Service, Inc., Fulton


“We use social media as a business. We have a couple of employees who handle it. One does Facebook posts. We also do a video at least once a month including one of our owners, Tom Handley. He does it, featuring any of our special items we want to highlight in the store or in the lumberyard. We don’t use much more than Facebook as far as social media.”

  — Charles Handley, Owner, Burke’s Home Centers, Oswego


“The real estate industry has gone through so many changes in the last few years. We have gone from advertising with print ads — newspaper — to mainly marketing on social media. The office markets all the property and agents and the agents market their properties and accomplishments as well. It is a powerful tool and much more productive for the real estate industry.”

  — William R. Galloway, Broker and owner, Century 21 Galloway Realty, Oswego


“For this business, it directs people to the website to book long-term stays or office space.”

  — Julie Avery, General manager, Beacon Office Space and Executive Suites, Oswego


“We use it to let the public know about breaking news and other important information from Oswego County Today.”

  — Fred Reed, President, Dot Publishing, Inc., Oswego County


“We help keep people updated on what’s new with our business — the latest and newest. We have a Facebook page.”

  — Susan Caldwell, Secretary, Advanced Business Systems, Watertown and Cicero


“We do utilize social media in that our office has a website as well as a Facebook page where we post pictures and certain events, such as an office outing, an anniversary, birthday, one of the attorneys being given an award, et cetera. It’s important to let our clients know that we are a team and enjoy spending time together outside of work and that we are active in our community.”

  — Joanne L. Scruton, Office manager, Amdursky, Pelky, Fennell & Wallen, P.C., Oswego

“Our presence and the need to provide fresh content frequently about Steve Chirello Advertising is extremely important for my business. Typically, we are putting up two to three posts a week on business Facebook and Instagram accounts, and at least once a week on LinkedIn and Twitter. We not only use social media to promote ourselves, but we also represent clients to help them with content generation and advertising on these platforms. It is an extremely effective way to offer immediate information and measure interaction with the public.”

  — Steve Chirello, Owner, Steve Chirello Advertising, Fulton


“CiTi uses social media to share the success stories of students and celebrate their accomplishments.”

  — Naomi Himes, Public information coordinator, CiTi BOCES, Mexico


“We utilize social media to display the range of our capabilities in the specialized contracting field. Trimble Services is in a high-risk industry and clients will do their due diligence before considering vendors. The social media platforms are a convenient way for our clients to research us because we can efficiently display our range of skills and accomplishments.”

  — Dustin Trimble, Vice president, Trimble Services LLC, Fulton


“Catholic Charities of Oswego County utilizes Facebook and Instagram to share information about our variety of programs, free community and family events and any fundraising activities.”

  — Mary-Margaret Pekow, Executive director, Catholic Charities of Oswego County, Fulton


“We’ve been using social media for about 10 years, with both paid and free posts. Facebook and Instagram are mainstays for us. We post sales and new products and also highlight unusual services we offer. Humor is a big part of our most effective posts. Any business that doesn’t use social media is missing out.”

  — Joe Cortini, Jr., Owner, Cortini Shoe Store, Fulton


“You can find Oswego County Tourism on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our government Facebook page, @oswegocounty, is where you’ll find news releases and current events, such as rabies clinics and HAZMAT collections. We also post employment opportunities from the county human resources office on this page. If you’re a fishing enthusiast, be sure to follow @oswegocountyfishing for the latest updates on recent catches, weekly fishing reports, and fishing regulations. Fishing has a significant impact on our county’s economy, and we’re proud to share all the incredible fishing opportunities Oswego County has to offer. For all things tourism, follow @visitoswegocounty on Facebook. This page is the perfect resource for discovering the wonders of our county. We share events happening throughout the county and promote assets like racetracks, golf courses, and campgrounds. Follow us on Instagram at @oswegocountyny for stunning visuals from around our county and check out our Twitter page at for news stories highlighting everything happening in Oswego County.”

  — Jennifer Longley, Tourism and public information specialist, Oswego County Tourism, Oswego


“I use social media to share news about the shop and new products. I can also see when people recommend my business in posts when people ask where they can print their projects. From there, I can see who else is recommended — usually online printers. I check their pricing for similar products I offer and this allows me to keep my prices competitive. The customer wins because they’re getting the best price and I win because I earn their business.”

  — Megan LaManna, President, Port City Copy Center Inc., Oswego