Publisher’s Note

By Wagner Dotto

I’m optmistic about this summer. Assuming coronavirus will leave us alone once and for all, and assuming we won’t be involved in a World War III, we should have a great season.

I can’t wait to get out and do things in the community without a mask on my face. I believe this is a sentiment shared by most, which will make this season a good one for all businesses.

This is the time of the year we work on the Summer Guide — The Best of Upstate New York. This is our largest project of the year.

We’re now contacting a number of businesses and organizations to invite them to advertise.

In general, advertising in the Summer Guide makes a great deal of sense — ad rates are relatively low and the publication is available all season long.

Wagner Dotto is the editor and publisher of Oswego County Business Magazine.
Wagner Dotto
is the editor and publisher of Oswego County Business Magazine.

Advertising this time of the year is even more important given the fact that people are eager to go places, do things, be outdoors and enjoy themselves.

Over the years, a lot of readers have come to rely on the Summer Guide as it highlights the most fun things to do and the most interesting places to visit during the summer and early fall. Likewise, advertisers have counted on the vast distribution and readership of the publication as a way to draw more customers. We estimate that the Summer Guide has over 250,000 readers, based on a distribution of 40,000 copies. Those copies are distributed gradually during the summer and early fall.

We’re confident we will enjoy a great summer — going to restaurants, bars, attending festivals and concerts, shopping at the local farmers market, gathering with friends and all those routine things to which we’re accustomed.

Advertisers should take advantage of this annual guide — an ad in it can be a great tool in helping them drum up more business.