Publisher’s Note October / November 2019

Last year’s cover.
Last year’s cover.

Time for us to work on the 2020 Business Guide, listing the largest companies in the region. We’re in the process of mailing hundreds of letters to more than 500 companies, asking a variety of figures and information. That kicks off the 26th edition of the Business Guide.

It’s an ambitious project, which involves a great deal of research, phone calls, checking and double-checking information, writing and design work.

The Business Guide carries detailed descriptions of local businesses, including latest developments, employment information and background. It also carries profiles of business owners and CEOs and their comments on the local economy and their industries. It focuses on four counties: Oswego, Onondaga, Cayuga and Jefferson.

A series of graphics shows the largest employers by region, top public employers, manufacturers, auto dealers, home improvement establishments, healthcare providers and others.

The Business Guide has become reference material for many people and organizations and we’re glad that Operation Oswego County, the county’s economic development agency, uses it extensively as part of its marketing strategies to attract new businesses to the region.

For companies, it’s a chance to highlight their growth, expansion, new products, whatever new they have to share. For readers, the guide provides a great snapshot of what companies are located in the region and what they do.

The guide will be published in mid-November. Paid subscribers to Oswego County Business will receive the publication as soon as it’s published. We will also make some free copies available throughout the region.

We welcome companies to place advertisements in the publication. Cost to advertise is fairly low and advertising in the guide is a great way to showcase their products, services and their presence in the region.

Wagner Dotto is the publisher of Oswego County Business Magazine.Wagner Dotto is the publisher of Oswego County Business Magazine.