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City, Port Initiate Community Connection

Oswego Mayor-elect Robert Corradino and several Oswego city councilors met recently with representatives of the Port of Oswego Authority, to initiate an ongoing dialogue on plans that affect both business at the port and the Oswego community.

“This new initiative for the Port of Oswego Authority and the city of Oswego to meet and discuss upcoming plans that affect our community is a good way to keep the lines of communication open as we work collaboratively in the best interest of our residents,” Corradino said. “Thank you to Executive Director Bill Scriber, Port Board President Fran Enwright and the entire board for creating this opportunity and for councilors Tim Plunkett and Shawn Burridge for participating.”

“I formed this ad hoc advisory committee with the city to be very transparent and up-front about what projects the port is undertaking,” Enwright said. “This has never been done before and it’s really an historic moment. We’ll meet quarterly, or more frequently if necessary. I thank Robert Corradino and councilors Plunkett and Burridge for their participation, along with members of our POA planning committee, who include Kathleen Macey and Connie Cosemento. In addition, I asked Tom Doran to be part of this committee based on his broad international waterfront experience as a sailor. Kicking this off at the start of a new year and a new administration is the perfect time for this initiative.”

“We welcome the joint communication as the port has made great strides to develop our facilities and business over the last several years,” Scriber said. “A closer relationship will only make our community stronger by working together.”

It’s strategic location at the crossroads of the Northeastern North American shipping market, puts them less than 350 miles from 60 million people.