Port of Oswego Unloads Large Machinery Parts for Novelis

The Port of Oswego Authority recently received, unloaded and shipped 20 containers of machinery parts to Novelis aluminum manufacturing in Oswego from the freighter MV Aujaq, Amsterdam.

“We’re following our record 2022 shipping year by expanding and increasing the services we offer to local and regional businesses,” said William Scriber, the port’s executive director. “Throughout the shipping season, we continue to take delivery at the port of thousands of aluminum ingots for Novelis production, and this intake of large, heavy machine parts is an example of our flexibility. Another recent example is our offload in 2021 of $12 million in transformers and equipment for Exelon Generation’s Nine Mile Point Unit 2 nuclear power plant, as well as the 300 wind turbine components we handled here in 2022.  These types of heavy lift cargo can only be brought in by ship.”

The Port of Oswego is one of the largest aluminum importers and grain exporters on the Great Lakes, and the only commercial port on Lake Ontario. “We are accessible from any international port in the world,” Scriber said. “That’s why we are one of the most productive ports on the Great Lakes, with everything from grain to windmill generator parts, moving through the port on an annual basis and contributing to the local and regional economy. “

“The Port of Oswego continues to be an important economic development driver for the region due to their ability to support so many industries,” said Austin Wheelock, executive director, Operation Oswego County. “Among these are manufacturing, agribusiness, and energy; and with the future development of Micron, they have the capability to assist in receiving large infrastructure components and equipment from around the world.”

The Port of Oswego’s strategic location at the crossroads of the Northeastern North American shipping market, puts them less than 350 miles from 60 million people, Scriber said.