Mayor Michaels Announces Planned Redevelopment of Nestle Building 30

As part of Fulton’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative, plans have been submitted by Construction Design and Management, Syracuse, to redevelop the former Nestle site’s Building 30 as residential units, Fulton Mayor Deana Michaels announced.
“The 130,000 square foot building, located on the corner of South Fourth and Fay streets across from Aldi, will be redeveloped into approximately 65-70 mixed-income residential units, with the possibility of a commercial component on the first floor,” Michaels said. “We are delighted that CDM has taken an interest in this property and see it as part of the renaissance that will be occurring at the Nestle site.”
Cory Bendekovic, director of business development for CDM, said, “The project will help to retain current residents of the city faced with limited options, while simultaneously attracting new residents from surrounding communities who currently commute due to a lack of housing that fits their needs.
“In addition, this project will increase pedestrian traffic, improve quality of life, and generate a boost to the economy through new residents’ patronage of local businesses. We hope that this project and the others involved in the DRI serve as a catalyst for future development in the Fulton community.”
Sarah Farley, executive director Fulton Community Development Agency, added, “Beyond the revitalization of a distressed property, this project will potentially result in additional investments being made to other areas of the former Nestle site.”
“This is just one of the many DRI projects that brings our community together, while improving the overall economic health of the region,” Michaels said. “We’ll be sharing more stories in the coming weeks on other exciting projects that are part of our DRI plan.”