Port Director’s Contract Extended to 2024

William Scriber, executive director, Port of Oswego, has had his contract extended to the end of 2024, it was announced by Francis Enwright, chair of the port board of directors.

Scriber joined the Port of Oswego staff in 2010. He served as manager of port logistics from 2010 to 2017 and served as executive director since 2018.

“From the beginning, Bill has had a clear vision of utilizing the port as an economic development engine that benefits our city and our region,” Enwright said. “Last year alone, more than $25 million was invested in upgrading docks, rail loading improvements, adding docks to the port’s marina, and constructing a new New York State Grain Export Center. We are extremely happy with his leadership and how he has pursued that vision and made the Port of Oswego a leader in grain exports on the Great Lakes once again.”

In late March, the port made the first grain export shipment of any port on the Great Lakes, sending more than 18,000 metric tons of soybeans to Brussels and Ireland. According to Enwright, this and at least six other shipments scheduled for this year will help offset the strain on the world’s supply chain caused by the war in Ukraine and countries declining to do further business with Russia.

“Bill Scriber is a sought-after authority on grain handling, shipping and trade issues on the Great Lakes,” said Connie Cosemento, board vice-chair. “He was a keynote speaker at the Transportation Go! Conference in Milwaukee, last month and has been recruited by two other conferences this year.

“Bill secured the $15 million grant to build the port’s Grain Export Center and is working with STEM students and faculty from SUNY Oswego on maximizing the operation and effectiveness of that center. Not to mention connecting with the hundreds of local farmers who are once again bringing their grain to Oswego, and not bearing the burden and expense of trucking it to other ports outside of NY.”

Scriber, a U.S. Army veteran, served in the U.S. Army Special Operations Command during Desert Shield – Desert Storm and is a graduate of the Army’s logistics school. He also holds a bachelor of arts degree from SUNY Oswego and has earned certified port executive credential. He has also worked at a logistics company in Syracuse and served as the Oswego County Commissioner of Elections.

For more information, visit www.portoswego.com