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Felix Schoeller North America inaugurates new coating operation

On Nov. 15, 2023, Felix Schoeller unveiled the new silicone coating operation at their Pulaski facility for the first time to the public.

In the fall of 2021, the company announced plans to build the most advanced silicone coating operation in its Central New York location. Two years later, the $20 million project has come to fruition and is ready to service the company’s North American customers.

The new operation expands Felix Schoeller’s global manufacturing footprint for so-called release liners: products mainly for the adhesive coating industries, such as self-adhesive graphics, tapes or healthcare products.

For the Pulaski facility, this represents a new strategic orientation since its founding 60 years ago. Originally a papermill that produced photographic papers, in the 2000s the site transitioned to become the largest converting and distribution hub for the digital printing market in North America. The now added manufacturing of silicone coated papers and films is a strategic expansion into this growth market and represents a new direction for the company, outside of imaging products.

With employees, business partners and local dignitaries present, the new production operation was inaugurated with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The achievements as well as the significance of this milestone for the company, the town of Pulaski, Oswego County and the Central New York region was recognized in several speeches at the event.

“This expansion in a very competitive environment would not have been possible without the support of Oswego County and the State of New York” said Michael Szidat, Felix Schoeller North America CEO. “But most of all, thanks go to our great team at Felix Schoeller. From the commitment of our group CEO Chris Gallenkamp to the local teams that have worked tirelessly for two years and sacrificed so much to make it happen. The dedication and passion of our employees is really what made this project a success.”

“The County of Oswego IDA was proud to partner with Felix Schoeller on this project,” said Austin Wheelock, CEO of the IDA. “We are thrilled to help facilitate Felix Schoeller’s growth in the Pulaski area and to support the creation and retention of good paying manufacturing jobs in Oswego County.”

The assistance provided by the IDA and Empire State Development will help to support the creation of 30 new jobs and retaining 145 existing jobs at Felix Schoeller over the next five years. Felix Schoeller is committed to hiring and training local talent, offering competitive wages and benefits and providing employees with opportunities for growth and professional development.