Don’t Panic!

Investment adviser provides advice on how to navigate through tricky waters By Lou Sorendo Rolfe While his clients are understandably upset by the economic and health aspects of COVID-19, they are certainly not in a panic, said Robert Rolfe of Harmony Financial Services, Oswego. Rolfe provides securities and investment advisory services through SagePoint Financial, Inc. He provided a glimpse as to how investors are reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic. “In my experience, I would reflect that my clients are disturbed by the economic and health aspects of the pandemic,” he said. “We discuss both aspects and reach logical conclusions together to best impact their current situation and long-term goals.” Rolfe said he has not experienced any level of panic among investors in the wake of COVID-19. “I have not experienced panic,” he said. “I have had multiple discussions with a majority of my clients. We continue to monitor the situation, recommend adjustments where appropriate, and continue to educate.” Some experts say financial markets have not seen the bottom yet and annual earnings could be negative for the next year or so. “Investors are concerned,” he said. “Stock prices in large part are driven by earnings. History has certainly seen after-shocks

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