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Mr. Sub in Pulaski Has New Owners

By Steve Yablonski

Mr. Sub, a popular eatery in Pulaski that has been serving the community since 1972, has changed ownership.

Formerly known as Sherrie’s Mr. Sub, it was owned and operated by Sherrie Miles for a long time.

The business was recently sold to Mike A. Stranahan He is partnering with his son, Mike J. Stranahan.


facade of Mr. Sub on 4840 Jefferson St.
facade of Mr. Sub on 4840 Jefferson St.

The Stranahans took over the business as of the first of the year.

“We’ve been very. Very busy,” the father said. “It’s just me and my son. Sherrie was going to close it up because she was going to retire and we heard about it. Me and my son took over; we came in as a partnership.”
Mike’s Mr. Sub is located 4840 N. Jefferson St., across from South Park. They are open every day except Sunday.

“It was a big investment, big enough. You know any business these days, especially the way the economy is and everything, is a big investment,” he said.

The subs are always made fresh for customers. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed, which makes it a great place to enjoy lunch with friends and family.

“We are still seeing the same crowd of regulars coming in,” Stranahan said. “Our best sub, the super Italian, is the most popular right now. Turkey is a big one, too actually.”

The shop still doesn’t have any seating inside.

“You pretty much come in and get your sub and take it out,” Stranahan said.

During the good weather, customers sometimes enjoy their sub across the road in the park.

“We have a couple helpers,” Stranahan said. “We don’t plan on making any changes to the menu. Though we did add an Adirondack Michigan sub to our menu a lot of people really like. If they are familiar with the Adirondack, they’d know what a Michigan is. They are very popular up there.”

The sub comes with a hot dog and on top of that is the homemade Michigan (hot) sauce. Then you get chopped onions on top of it with mustard on top.

“We are originally out of the Adriondacks. It is my grandmother’s recipe,” Stranahan explained.

They haven’t really had any kind of supply issue. “No not really, not too much. We try to get a lot of our stuff locally,” he said.

They probably won’t do seating. But they are considering doing delivering service, “hopefully in two or three months,” he added.

“We are having fun. It’s a challenge, but it’s always fun. We’re a bit short-staffed. We’re meeting everybody and getting to know them, all the new customers and making sure the community is getting what they want here. That’s it; it’s all about quality and service,” he said. “We have had a nice reception. Yes. People are very happy the place is still open.”

Featured image: Mike A. Stranahan (right) is partnering with his son, Mike J. Stranahan to operate popular eatery in Pulaski.