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Ryan Galloway, right, joins the business started by Thomas Galloway (seated) and run by his father, Bill Galloway.

Ryan Galloway Joins Family Real Estate Business

Third-generation real estate specialist ramps up role at Century 21 Galloway Realty

When Thomas Galloway and his late wife Bridget began independently selling real estate and insurance out of their home in Oswego in the mid-1960s, little did they know their grandson Ryan would be a third-generation real estate sales professional in 2020.

Ryan is stepping into a job that both his father Bill and grandfather Tom experienced.

In 1994, Bill and his wife Elaine purchased Century 21 Galloway Realty from his father Tom. Bill became the broker-owner and has devoted more than 40 years of his life to real estate.

For the third-generation real estate agent, it means more than just a career upgrade.

“It feels like I am carrying on the family legacy into a new generation,” he said. “There is a sense of tradition attached to that.”

Ryan said there was a time when he and his parents were tentative about the decision.

“But now that it’s here, it’s the best decision,” he said.

For Bill, seeing his son follow in his career footsteps was something he always wanted, but he made sure it was exactly what Ryan wanted to do.

“He worked into it the same way I did. I worked at Nine Mile Point and did something different, and then realized real estate was the way to go and jumped in,” he said.

“Every buyer and seller is different, but when you grow up and live in a small community like Oswego, you really get a sense of the pulse of the community and what a typical buyer and seller is looking for,” Ryan added.

Plentiful experience

Ryan grew up in a family that lives and breathes real estate, and that upbringing helps him in terms of taking on the challenges as a real estate salesperson.

“I’ve heard and seen so many situations that my dad and grandfather and everybody in the business has had to deal with over the years,” he said.

He said paying attention to how his father and grandfather worked through challenges and thinking of what could have been done differently will pay dividends in his career.

Ryan said his main strengths lied on the technology and advertising side.

“I think I am good at problem solving on the fly. I am able to run through scenarios quick in my head and try to find the best solution,” he said.

His dad recalls the days of working in the industry pre-internet.

“We started with books, and now we have to do everything online with COVID-19,” Bill said.

“Ryan and Elaine can tell you that I may not be the greatest at this, but they are probably impressed that I merged everyone together for this virtual interview,” he added.

He said technology is advancing at a “mind-blowing” pace, and having a person in Ryan who grew up in the Internet age is certainly an advantage.

Social media is a tremendous plus in the industry now, particularly with COVID-19.

“They keep coming out with more things to utilize all these tools on Facebook, but we also have an online filing program,” Ryan said. “With COVID-19, the way we are able to have e-signatures on contracts really helps to keep person-to-person interactions down while we are still able to do business. It’s been enormous during the pandemic.”

“We are very excited that Ryan has decided to carry on the family business. He does have a lot to offer,” she said. “We all work very well together and respect what each one does. Ryan has great knowledge and experience from working in the office and growing up in the real estate world.”

“He has a great relationship with everyone in the office and that’s a really good feeling on our end to see. We are proud parents for sure,” she added.

Managerial background

Ryan worked as a store manager at Fajita Grill for many years, and that role helped in terms of developing business skills that included interacting with co-workers and the public on an effective level.

“At the restaurant, there’s always something crazy or wrong going on. You have to be on your toes at all times and make quick decisions. I think that’s what helped me the most,” he said.

“Everybody is different, but there’s a common thread with people that you can interact with,” he said.

Ryan also has worked in the office management and advertising side of the business for more than four years.

That experience has provided him with a firm understanding of the administrative and marketing end of real estate.

Having the administrative side down gives Ryan a full grasp of the entire real estate transaction.

“A lot of times as an agent, when you get everything signed and done, you don’t realize and get a full grasp of the entire real estate transaction,” he said.

Elaine has been a significant influence on his life and career.

“She is just huge for me. The energy she brings into the office is something we all feed off, and she is a big influence in everything we do there,” Ryan said.

Elaine has watched her son develop in the back office, and said he now has the advantage of that foundation as well as the listings and sales side of the business.

“It’s the best of both worlds, because he has knowledge of both sides of the business instead of just one or the other like Bill and I have,” she said.