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MacKenzie-Childs’ headquarters in Aurora, Cayuga County, on the shores of Cayuga Lake.

MacKenzie-Childs to Expand with Volney Fulfillment Center

By Lou Sorendo

MacKenzie-Childs is expected to make a substantial economic development impact once it settles into its new location in Volney.

MacKenzie-Childs is a fully integrated designer, manufacturer and multichannel merchant of high-quality, handcrafted ceramic and enamel tableware, furniture, and home and garden accessories.

The company has chosen a 200,931-square-foot warehouse to house its growing warehousing and fulfillment needs.

Fulfillment center operations consist of the work that helps get online orders to a customer’s doorstep. It’s also referred to as the order fulfillment process.

MacKenzie-Childs is headquartered in Aurora, Cayuga County.

“Staying physically close to our roots and supporting our employees is important to us,” Bailey Vaughn, a company spokesperson said.

The Volney location provides the company an opportunity to stay within a reasonable commute for existing employees, while also offering enough space for its continual growth for years to come, Vaughn noted.

“The Volney location allows a daily product shuttle from our manufacturing site in Aurora, is a totally open footprint to lay out as we need and is close to the I-90 and I-81 transportation corridors,” Vaughn added.

At this time, the company does not have any plans for additional Northeast fulfillment centers.

“Our products are distinctive, whimsical, and fun in a way that other companies have not been able to duplicate,” Vaughn said.

The company anticipates starting up the facility with between 50 and 60 employees, with the workforce growing over time as it continues to expand its markets and products.

In terms of open positions, the company will be filling openings for order pickers, order packers, loading and unloading/material handlers, forklift operators, and fulfillment supervisors.

The company will be running a first and second shift at the facility weekdays with options for overtime.

MacKenzie-Childs anticipates hiring over $500,000 in total annual salaries from the local population to fill out its total workforce.

Subsequently, there will be an increase in people looking for lunch options at local establishments, as well as demand for gas for vehicles and landscaping and snow removal resources.

“We expect to bring a lot of economic benefits to the local area. We have a multi-year lease on the Volney facility and plan on being a stable employment presence for many years to come and will look to continue to grow locally,” the company spokesperson said.

Operation Oswego County played a key role in attracting the company to the area.

County agency clutch

OOC connected MacKenzie-Childs with Christine Weaver, director of client services at Oswego County Workforce New York.

Handcrafted home décor giant finds new home in Oswego County. It will employ 50 to 60 workers locally and it’s expected to open the first week in May

Its various services will assist Mackenzie-Childs in identifying employment candidates for the new Volney location.

In addition, OOC facilitated a meeting with town of Volney leaders to explain the project and its benefits to the community, and assisted the building owner in navigating the permitting and approval processes for necessary building improvements.

The existing warehouse building is undergoing substantial renovations and upgrades to meet the needs of its new occupant, according to OOC. The plans include constructing a new parking lot and vehicle entrance for employees, as well as interior improvements, including enhanced insulation, lighting, and creating office space.

In addition to improvements to the facility, MacKenzie-Childs will be installing racking and other custom-designed equipment to maximize the efficiency of the operation.

Handcrafted MacKenzie-Childs products can be purchased from the company’s retail stores in New York City and Aurora, and through retailers in the U.S. and around the world.

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