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Tiki Boats to Sail Into Oswego Harbor

By Steve Yablonski

Lake Ontario will have a tropical flavor this summer.

The “Oswego sunset tiki-tours” will launch this summer, according to Mayor Billy Barlow.

Promotional poster highlighting the new summer attraction in Oswego.

The Port City purchased two tiki boats. One has already arrived. The other one is expected to arrive in June.

A third was built in-house at the DPW, the mayor added.

“Assuming everything stays on schedule, boats will be available for rent beginning Fourth of July weekend through Labor Day weekend,” Barlow said.

Two of the boats will be motorized and offer trips around the harbor. The third vessel will be anchored in the harbor. It will accommodate up to 12 guests at one time.

The excursions will cost $200 for two hours as the boats troll around the harbor, the mayor said.

“The city will be hiring licensed captains to operate the boats,” Barlow said. “The city will be the ‘company’ running the boats.”

During his 2022 State of the City address, the mayor explained his reasoning for the new venture: Getting people to Oswego’s waterfront is one thing—getting them “on the water is another.” the mayor said.

Folks can sail around the harbor enjoying some cocktails in a tropical type setting, “only you’ll be right here in Oswego,” said Barlow.

He added that the tours could be an enormous tourist attraction for both visitors and residents, enticing more people to the city’s waterfront to see the new marina and other improvements, generating plenty of potential for Oswego for years to come.

Featured image: Excursions on the tiki boats will cost $200 for two hours and can accommodate up to 12 people. Licensed captains will operate the vessels